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“It’s more than 14 years since the first edition of Compass appeared, and our company was one of your first advertisers. As such, we have benefited enormously from the wide exposure we’ve received over the years, not only from potential charter guests but also from the many cruisers who have been alerted through your pages to the many services that we provide but who would otherwise have been unaware of them.
“Your publication — rated, incidentally, by many people we have encountered as the best of its kind in the Caribbean — is entertaining, diverse, objective and informative. Recession or no recession, we intend to continue advertising with Compass as, in these hard times, it remains an invaluable source of potential business for us.
“Thank you for a first-rate publication — keep up the great work!”
— Mary Barnard, Managing Director
Barefoot Yacht Charters & Marine Centre
Blue Lagoon, St. Vincent & the Grenadines

“BVI Yacht Sales Ltd. have been advertising our business and boats for sale in Caribbean Compass for many years now and are satisfied with the results it has given us. We see this medium as the best way to get to the grass roots of the cruising community…”
— Chris Simpson, Managing Director/Broker
BVI Yacht Sales Ltd.
Nanny Cay, Tortola, BVI

“Doyle Sailmakers, best known for our 5-year/50,000-mile warranty and our outstanding sails, thanks Compass for our success. Advertising in Compass all these years has resulted in steady growth for our company and is helping to keep us busy in what for most has been a trying year. Compass gets our message to the sailors by keeping the publication interesting and current, with lots of must-read articles.
“Thank you, Compass!”
— Linda Phillips
Doyle Sailmakers BVI, Ltd.
Road Town, Tortola, BVI

“I think when we take an ad, it’s necessary to be constant. That’s why we always have two ads in Compass: one monthly for Voiles Assistance and one annually for each new edition of the Martinique guidebook P’tit Ponton.”
— Didier and Maria
Voiles Assistance
Le Marin, Martinique

“It’s been ten years that Compass and Grenada Marine have been doing business with each other. We consider Compass vital to reach our customer base, as the publication is readily available to all the yachties in every nook and cranny within the Caribbean. And also being on-line, who knows the real reach?
“The publication’s editorial responsibility and fairness is greatly appreciated and valued both on the client and industry side. Adding the reliability and consistency makes it a hard combination to beat.
“Grenada Marine would like to applaud the dedicated and hardworking team who manage to stay on the publishing rollercoaster each and every month. We owe you a vote of thanks for delivering such a high standard of professionalism for the rest of us to aspire to.”
— Laura Fletcher, Director
Grenada Marine
St. David’s, Grenada

“Island Water World has advertised in the Caribbean Compass since 1999. After a decade, I know that every month the Compass puts our information right where it counts — into the eager hands of active boaters throughout the Caribbean. They wouldn’t miss an issue of Compass, and neither would I.”
— Ian Cowan, Manager
Island Water World St. Lucia
Rodney Bay, St. Lucia

“Congratulations on your upcoming 15th Anniversary. We want you to know how important advertising in the Compass is to Parts & Power. The Compass reaches customers who matter to us: cruisers, yachtspeople and land-based people alike…
“The paper is interesting to read, with articles of interest to our customer base. It is our only exposure in the Windward Islands and based on the volume of inquiries we get from down there, it is obviously a well-read publication.
“Once again, congratulations and keep up the good work.”
— Tom Gerker, Managing Director
Parts & Power Ltd
Road Town, Tortola, BVI

“Customers come with Compass in their hands and it’s important for our business to pick up this clientele. I find that Compass is interesting because the editorial content is so well done.”
— Pierre Alain, Information Systems
W.I.N.D. (West Indies Nautic Distribution)
Rivière Salée, Martinique and Baie Mahault, Guadeloupe

“Compass is a great magazine that connects the large world of yachting and makes all of its readers feel part of the Caribbean family. I always pick up Compass for ideas on new activities we should be thinking of at Port Louis Marina. I love reading the different views on topics that affect us all.
“Compass is a must-read for all yachts visiting the Caribbean, the safest and most beautiful cruising ground in the world. A large number of the yachts that come to Port Louis Marina have seen our advertising in Compass. Keep up the good work.”
— Danny Donelan, Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator
Port Louis Marina by Camper and Nicholsons Marinas
St. George’s, Grenada

“I’m very glad to have an ad in Compass because I pick up the English-speaking customers. Very often they arrive carrying a copy of the Compass!”
— Bruno Augustin, Manager
GRProclean Antilles
Le Marin, Martinique

“The Grenada Sailing Festival has advertised in Caribbean Compass for more than a decade. Over the years this has proved to be one of the most cost-effective elements of our promotional budget and we know it guarantees that the right people throughout the region get to know about our event.”
— Jimmy Bristol, Chairman
Grenada Sailing Festival

“Even though we are thousands of miles away, we have kept a monthly advertisement in Caribbean Compass for many years because it really does target our clientele in a unique way: it is freely available in a multitude of critical locations and has good editorial content and interesting and informative articles that are read by those people crossing oceans — which is exactly where we want our name to be seen!
“Keep up the great work and thanks for the great support.”
— Duncan Sweet
Mid Atlantic Yacht Services
Horta, Faial, Azores

“I would like to emphasize the fact that for us Caribbean Compass is an important publication, distributed not only throughout the Caribbean but read world-wide. Our company, established on three French islands (Martinique, Guadeloupe and Saint Martin), is dealing with boat sales around the Caribbean as well as in the USA, Europe and the Pacific. As a Yacht Broker, international exposure is vital to our activity and the development of our business. We will continue to advertise in Caribbean Compass because it gives us just that.”
— Jean Paul Bahuaud, CEO
    Martinique, Guadeloupe and Saint Martin

“Compass is a great magazine with great people who have been helpful, open-minded and supportive throughout our whole long-term business relationship.
“At our business we have international readers picking up Compass, and many take it home as a souvenir for themselves or friends.
“If you want to know what is going on in the islands you have to read Compass!”
— Claudia & Max Nagel
Carriacou Silver Diving
Carriacou, Grenada

“The Caribbean Compass magazine is to the sailing community in the region as the wind is to sailing: without it, we would all be ‘in irons’!
“The Compass’s extensive coverage of all that goes on in the islands — such as culture, Immigration and Customs rules, conditions and events — make it a must-read for casual and professional sailors alike. They understand each island’s unique position and have been able to creatively portray these qualities to their specific target market.
“The Compass’s special flair for content and layout has allowed them to develop an avid readership that is important to us, both as event planners and as a destination.
“Regatta Promoters Ltd. has worked with the Compass for decades in promoting sailing in the region with great success. In 2009, with the re-branding and launching of the Tobago Carnival Regatta in Tobago, the Caribbean Compass’s coverage of our event captured the essence of our “Festival of Wind” to our great satisfaction.
“As we raise our bar this year, we look forward to working with the Caribbean Compass to promote the Tobago Carnival Regatta 2010, to be held from February 18th through 21st.”
— Niki Borde, Manager
Regatta Promoters Ltd.
Tobago Carnival Regatta

“Caribbean Compass advertising brings us new customers who are looking for a good mechanic when stopping over in Guadeloupe. We have been advertising for more than two years now and plan to continue. Caribbean Compass is the only advertising we decided to invest in because the return on our investment is real.”
— Fred Boffa, Director
Fred Marine
Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe


“We were first introduced to the Caribbean Compass by fellow cruisers in Jamaica in 2007 and have been hooked ever since. The first-hand accounts of sailors’ knowledge, experiences and impressions of various islands has influenced our journey and broadened our horizons. We have saved articles about places we’re anticipating traveling to for future reference. We’ve also enjoyed reading articles by other cruisers of places we've already visited to compare impressions.
“The twice-yearly SSB radio station information keeps us connected with important weather information, and every month the advertisers direct us to parts and services. To us, the Compass is a very valuable resource containing information that would be difficult to get from any other source.”
— Bev and Bill Bate
Yacht El Shaddai

“Cruisers eagerly await the monthly arrival of the Caribbean Compass throughout the Caribbean. Issues are snatched up quickly and we often clip something for our files — a first-hand trip report on a cruising destination, a list of radio schedules, island news, a recipe using tropical fruits and veggies or the calendar of events. Love of the islands shines through each issue.
— Kathy Parsons, author of French for Cruisers and Spanish for Cruisers
—    S/V Hale Kai

“It is my pleasure and perhaps my obligation to let all our boating friends know how much we enjoy reading the Compass and how it enriches our experience cruising the Caribbean. We boaters can hardly wait till the next monthly edition is available so we can catch up on the real skinny on events and people. I’m glad that the usual scuttlebutt is straightened out by your ace reporters. There are so many neat articles that I am conflicted as to what to read first. Will it be the Readers’ Forum section or the crime scene reports or feature articles on the different islands? Regardless, I confess that I get two copies of the Compass as soon as it comes out because my wife, Roberta, also wants to dive into it and will not wait till I finish!”
— Tito Figueroa
Yacht Alleluia

“Compass is the only sailing publication I regularly read cover to cover.”
— Andy Morrell, Organizer
Highland Spring HIHO windsurfing event

“I enjoy reading every issue of Caribbean Compass because the paper keeps me totally informed about what is going on in the Eastern Caribbean where so many of Blue Water Sailing’s readers enjoy chartering or sailing in their own boats. Plus there is good information about marine services, politics and social life in the islands that is of interest to anyone who has spent time sailing there. Reading every issue is like taking a mini-vacation to the Caribbean.”
— George Day, Editor
Blue Water Sailing and Multihull Quarterly magazines

“As cruisers slowly circumnavigating the Caribbean Basin, we quickly became loyal readers of the Compass and would begin checking with the shops that distributed it days before it arrived. For many cruisers the arrival of the Compass is one of the highlights of the month. Now that our cruising days are over we still get to read it on-line and it takes us back to some of the very finest days of our lives.
There are three things we love about the Compass:
• Stories written by other cruisers about places we've been and places we were headed, to get some up-to-date local knowledge.
• Advertisements. When we sailed into a new port anywhere in the Caribbean we always looked through our stack of Compasses to get an idea where the best boaters’ services were located, be it a chandlery, restaurant, grocery or something I didn’t even know I needed, like ice cream!
• Letters in the Readers’ Forum: a great way to sound off and discuss topics important to the cruising community.
Keep up the good work. The Compass is worth its weight in gold.
— Jack and Desiré Foard, and Lady Pitkeathly
Formerly aboard Famous Potatoes

“I cannot wait to pick up your magazine every month!”
— Richard Rolland
Yacht Marie Galante II

“There is only one way to keep up with what's going on in the marine world in the Caribbean, and that is to read the Caribbean Compass. I have been reading it for all of its nearly 15 years, and often ‘steal’ stuff from it for my own magazine. It is truly the voice of the Caribbean sailor.”
— Bob Bitchin, Founder/Publisher
Latitudes & Attitudes magazine

“We read the Caribbean Compass faithfully each month because it’s full of content about and by cruisers such as ourselves. For that reason it’s extremely pertinent to our living-aboard lifestyle here in the Caribbean. Usually we know some of the authors and have been to many of the same places, or perhaps we're going there soon. The information provided is excellent.
“The advertising provides valuable sources of parts or services, and even provides discounts on needed items. 
“Additionally, the Caribbean Compass does a good job explaining changes in Customs and Immigration requirements, SSB weather briefings, and safety and security nets — items about which every cruiser should be aware. We love the responses to the letters to the editor. 
“Thank you, Caribbean Compass, for all that you do.”
— Kathleen and Roland O’Brien
50-ton USCG licensed captains

“I wouldn’t dream of missing an issue of the Compass. My husband and I read it cover to cover on Receta — clipping things and making notes for future reference — to keep on top of what’s going on and to help us decide where to stop, stay, shop, and eat as we travel from island to island. The places, people, pleasures and perils of cruising — Caribbean Compass covers it all in a great package of information and entertainment.”
— Ann Vanderhoof, author of An Embarrassment of Mangoes
—    S/V Receta

“As captain of a 57-foot Beneteau cruising the Eastern Caribbean, I often need to quickly find reliable vendors for parts and services in some very remote locations. I always make sure to keep a copy of Caribbean Compass on board to use as a helpful reference. The advertisements in this publication have made me aware of many great companies that I otherwise would have probably never found.”
— Jeremy Smith
Yacht Splendido

“Compass is the best way to keep abreast of what’s going on in the Caribbean. It’s also a great antidote to the cold and grey of winter in Europe, a reminder to those of us stuck there of good life afloat and the variety of the islands.”
— Elaine Bunting, Features Editor
Yachting World magazine

“When we’re cruising the Caribbean, the Compass provides us with up-to-date information, informative articles and entertaining puzzles. There’s no better way to get the real low-down on what’s going on throughout the islands.”
— Beth Leonard, author of The Voyager’s Handbook
Yacht Silk

“Thank you for the years of great entertainment and knowledge presented in Caribbean Compass, my favorite read each month.”
— Captain Art Ross
USCG Licensed Master
New Hope, Pennsylvania

“If you really, really want to know what’s going on throughout the Caribbean that matters to cruisers — whether it's port clearance costs, safety issues, community outreach projects, the latest in dining or rigging — Caribbean Compass is your source. I am a devoted fan.”
— Elaine Lembo, Deputy Editor
Cruising World magazine

“A copy of Compass at Puerto Blanco Marina here in the Dominican Republic lasts about as long as a Playboy magazine did in my all-male college in 1956. But we’ve grown up (a bit), and the slick illusion and fantasy of most cruising magazines don't cut it anymore. Compass gives news of people and places we genuinely recognize, for which we are much obliged.”
— Bruce Van Sant, author of Passages South